Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Instead Of Chewing Gum, Chew Bacon

As part of the fact-finding mission that is my life, I've been watching a lot of TV lately. In between the ads for cable TV and the ads against cable TV, they're now running ads for, a foundation for kidney health and research.

I was impressed by their logo, and never one to ignore a promising lead, I visited After totally acing the Kidney IQ test and satisfying myself that I don't have chronic kidney disease, I stumbled on their top-secret tip for people with CKD, a subject near and dear to my heart: How to eat more.

Now honestly, their tips boil down to, "just eat more, dummy." And they're even less helpful than that, given that I don't have CKD, and thus I don't need to worry about phosphorus or potassium or protein intake. Still, it's refreshing to read, even in a tentative and inapplicable form, tips like:
  • Eat candies such as gum drops, hard candy and lollipops at the end of a meal or as a snack.
  • Instead of milk, use half and half, cream, or non-dairy creamer.
  • Add sour cream to omelettes, noodles, rice and vegetables.
  • Instead of plain water, drink beverages that have calories from sugar.
Aye, aye!


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